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There’s a reason the system is struggling: teachers can’t talk about what’s really going on for fear of punishment or losing their jobs…until now.  The Vault provides a safe, anonymous place to gather, get and give advice, share resources, and offer support.

“I’m glad you are out there, fighting for what is right for our kids and for us.”
~ Teacher & Vault Member

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Together we rise.

With new accountability systems, new tests, and an unpredictable leader heading up the Federal Department of Education, teachers are are faced with two options:

  1. Allow a new round of suits to roll out yet another plan to “fix” education. OR
  2. Join the coup and take your collective head seat at that table.

I’m going with option 2, along with a whole lot of other amazing and dedicated educators all over the country. Join me here and let’s stand together for teachers and kids at!

You can quickly create an account, share your ideas, your challenges and the things that are working in your school – in anonymity.  

  • No more isolated struggles.  
  • No more efforts to create change in vain.
  • No more fighting to get nowhere.

Together, we have a voice that will be heard; a voice that will bring the support that’s needed, so teachers can teach and children can enjoy the bright futures they deserve.

What’s The Vault?

The Vault is a collection of chat rooms for US K-12 teachers and classroom support professionals. It provides a safe place to connect, communicate, support, share resources, stories, and more in real time, with teachers all over the nation, free of charge.

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