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No more isolated struggles.  No more efforts to create change in vain. No more fighting to get nowhere. No more frustrated, burned out teachers. Here, at EdCoup, we have a voice that will be heard. A voice that will bring you the support you need – so teachers can teach and children can enjoy the bright futures they deserve. There has never been a better or more critical time in history to speak and be heard.

EdCoup gives us the platform to go from one voice in millions to millions of voices working as one – for real influence and change in education; change which honors both kids and teachers.

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Here’s what teachers are saying across the Nation:
Hi Head Rebel,
I’ve been browsing through your new site and I’m in love with everything I read! The cavalry has arrived, and not a minute too soon! Thank you for offering hope and a voice! I can hardly wait to see what can happen.
Thank you!

Dear EdCoup-ers,
Thank you for sending this to me! Of course, I loved everything I saw and every carefully chosen word I read! I’m glad you are out there, fighting for what is right for our kids and for us. I feel like I’ve lost a lot of motivation this past year, but this could definitely help me out of the pit!

Dear Head Rebel,
This is BRILLIANT! I have partaken and am excited for the results, ramifications and a new reality. It’s time for school to be a positive experience FOR kids instead of something that is being TO them!
Many thanks!!!
Our vision: to create an American education system where teachers are valued and heard.  Where they have the respect, tools, and freedoms they need to give kids the education they deserve.